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Business Climate
Conveniently situated just eight miles northwest of Boston, Lexington represents a highly desirable place for businesses to locate within the region. The community is home to a broad range of business types, and some of the largest employers include high tech businesses in biotechnology, defense research, and software fields. Visually, however, Lexington is most memorable for its traditional, historic downtown filled with restaurants, storefronts, and small service businesses. This balance of large corporate employers and small local businesses offers Lexingtonians the best of both worlds.

Lexington Lifestyle
High-quality public schools have long been an attraction for residents who settle in Lexington.  In addition, the community strongly values arts and culture, and this is best demonstrated by the range of cultural organizations that flourish in the town.  Focus on the outdoors and fitness further compliments Lexington's offerings, with the Minuteman Bikeway regional recreational path passing directly through the downtown and past major historic sites such as the Lexington Battle Green and Buckman Tavern. The town also has a sizable amount of conservation land which is actively used by residents, local employees, and visitors.

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